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Ionic Footbath Treatments

Kerry Mann, CHHC

I became a health coach so I could help people get their lives back like I did. I was sick with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis arthritis for 15+ years. I missed out on so much of life. I could hardly get out of bed, which made it hard to do really basic things. I got to a point where the pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety completely took over, but I never became my disease. I always fought it and that is a big part of why I was able to get better and why I am so strong today.

I started feeling a lot better when I focused on eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress, getting quality sleeping, and doing natural treatments, but it wasn’t until I changed my mindset that my diseases went into remission. These diseases were supposed to be incurable, but I defied the odds. I feel better now than I ever thought possible.

Academic Background: BA in Sociology, Certified Holistic Health Coach


1-hour massage appointments

Jason Schwartz, LMT #25267:

My practice is informed by deep tissue, myofascial, and subtle body techniques. That being said, taking modality too seriously is inherently limiting. Techniques are tools that help structure the work but they are not the work.

I see the relationship with each client as a cooperative process, a conversation. My role is to be the listener. Listening – in the most global sense of the word – to the body, the nervous system, the whole being.

Within that container, my orientation as a practitioner is toward stillness. Perhaps the degree to which we can settle into stillness, a fundamental sense of ease or quiet, is the degree to which we are open to the possibility of resolution.

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