Ready for a reset?

This seven day program is truly perfect for everyone. With all levels classes specifically curated to compliment each other, we are sure that this program has a little something for you, no matter what your experience level is.

Think 7 whole days of self care, motivational coaching, and major accountability totaling less than an hour of your time per day and less than $10 per day.

Each day you will get:

  • A 15 minute morning mantra and mindfulness practice. This will introduce you to the day’s theme, set your day up for success and inspire healthy choices and actions all day long.

  • A 30 minute daily movement practice. Every day we carefully selected either a Vinyasa, an all levels Power Vinyasa, or all levels sculpt class for you to enjoy! This will get you moving and on some days even sweating! These classes are different from your regular FLY TV classes and pack in major motivation, dharma and love.

  • A 15 min nightly wind down. Every day you will end your night with either a Yin or Deep Stretch class. This will compliment the prior days movement and help you relax and relieve any stress in the body and mind.

And in true FLY TV fashion we have made each day an inspiring and interesting theme, added the best playlists and layered in your favorite FLY TV teachers to help you finish strong.

The *BEST* part? It is all on demand. It is all on your own time. It is all done in the comfort of your own home. You can start this program when you are ready and repeat as many times as you would like after your one time purchase.

What are you waiting for?! You are just 7 days away from feeling better.