-By Freedom Ciavarello

Ostara is another name for Spring. It is a special time of year to  c e l e b r a t e  the effervescence of youthful enthusiasm and beginnings. It is a time of planting seeds and waking with the earth body by way of the element of Air. With our scent being the most powerful source of authentic memory, we can be transported back into limitless potential and hopefulness when we get whispers of sweet blossoms as we sense the earth beginning to o p e n up the  f i e l d  of  a w a r e n e s s  to us.

The act of ritual is dedicated action in ceremony or reverence. When we do something on purpose, we call in our attention. Our attention is our most powerful tool for manifestation and since sweet  O S T A R A  is the season of making manifest our desires….I offer this simple ritual for you and yours.

Spring pops us open in the Northern Hemisphere with her gentle magic on the 20th of March and with a FULL MOON in Libra . This one brings wisdom from the cardinal sign for re balancing our working partnerships and relationships. She brings us into the airy potential of seeds sprouting and the grounded energy of decisiveness:

We love her for it.

Don’t we?

I am going to be doing a ritual to celebrate this shift by inviting into my field the ability to release any holds from  W I N T E R and any  L E F T O V E R  vibes from last year. This is a new year of sorts and to celebrate I found this idea…eggshell starts!

6 (at least one) empty eggshells, halved
Egg carton
Potting soil

Rose Quartz

First, spend a moment considering an intention for Ostara. Let your mind wander to something that you desire to call into your field. Mind this moment.

Then, place your eggshell halves in your egg carton and then fill them with your potting soil. Dampen the soul and pat down a bit until it feels spongy. Place one seed in each eggshell half and cover gently with some soil. Complete them all at once then, Sage the air above the eggs a few moments while internally repeating your intention for Ostara. Leave the planted seeds on a sunny sill with the rose quartz or in a moderate spot that will get some sun outside until they sprout. Once they sprout, offer them to the earth or a pot and watch your intentions rise with you •••

I have a practice to accompany this ritual to help funnel in my attention and my intention that I like to do for Ostara to celebrate her boundless enthusiasm and encouragement, especially after such a time of depth in Winter. I love the crone (elder) energy of winter for her realness; and I have taken a lot of information out of the deeper thresholds of my soul the last 3 months…have you? What is your favorite piece of yourself that was revealed to you this Winter? Take a few moments to think about it, name it out loud or write it down when you have a moment to sit. I love this practice for centering my awareness before a change in season.

And, oh goddess, the Spring and her maiden (youthful) freshness is intoxicating isn’t it? She has a certain can do attitude and aspiration. She is inspiring and she is willing to try new things. If there was something you’d like to welcome in this brand new season, what would it be? How would it differ from life for you as it is existing currently? Maybe taking another moment here to consider it, name it out loud or write it down when you have that moment to sit.

So, what are you manifesting this season?

I would love to hear from you about your manifestations! Catch me, Free, on the schedule here at Firelight and in the ether on the internet at or @freedomciavarello on Instagram.