Hot Class Descriptions

All of our Radiantly Heated Classes are held in the Fire Room:

(Check out our unheated class offerings here.)

Hot FLY 60

Our signature 60-65 minute class is a fusion of hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga. We begin by stretching and warming up the body while building into sun salutation variations and warrior poses, followed by a focused set of standing/balancing postures. Fire up your core through spine and abdominal strengthening and move with breath through a set of 4 vinyasa flows. Wind down the class with seated poses and deeper stretches to then complete your practice with savasana and an optional cold eucalyptus towel. This is a set series with some variations by instructor. Expect great music while you connect with your breath in this whole-body cleansing yoga experience. This is an “express” version of our Hot FLY 80 class. All-levels of yogis are welcome to join and early sign-up is always encouraged.


Hot FLY 80

Similar to our Hot FLY 60 class, but with added sets of some balancing poses to go deeper into your practice, as well as added floor postures towards the end of class. While this class is 20 minutes longer than our Hot FLY 60 class, you will feel the added benefits in both mind and body. Treat yourself to a little bit of a slower-pace and longer holds following a similar class flow: Warm-up stretches, sun salutations, warrior poses, standing/balancing postures, vinyasa flow series, spine/core strengthening, seated/floor poses and savasana with optional eucalyptus towel. All-levels of yogis are welcome to join and early sign-up is always encouraged.

Power Yoga Sculpt

This is a full body workout. Class is set to energizing music* and designed to tone, sculpt and challenge your body. Class begins with flow and then strength-training exercises, free weights, plyometrics and cardio are incorporated to quickly get your heart pounding. This class is all levels but will challenge even the most fit. You will walk out feeling accomplished, inspired, worked and very sweaty. Our radiant heat panels are on, but set to a lower temperature than our signature Hot FLY class. *Music is uncensored.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hot Power Vinyasa

All levels are welcome, inspired, and challenged by this unique and vigorous flow. Music, breath, and clear instruction propel you through each pose. Don’t expect the same sequence every time you come. Intelligent sequencing is used to systematically open up the body and work students towards peak postures. Music is upbeat, energizing, current and sometimes uncensored. Come ready to work hard, have fun and sweat…a lot.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hot Vinyasa

Radiantly-heated Vinyasa – All levels are welcome, inspired, and challenged by this unique and vigorous flow. Music, breath, and creative instruction propel you through each pose. Don’t expect the same sequence every time you come. This free style flow is constantly evolving as attending students blossom. We encourage each instructor for this class to bring their own expression, background and creative freedom into the room. Every instructor will teach this class differently from one another, so try them all! Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Friday Flow

It’s finally Friday! Time to close out the work week and get ready for the weekend. This all-levels, lightly-heated class will boost your energy and tone your buns! Expect up-beat music and a playful vibe as we move through a unique blend of traditional asana, strength building isometric holds, and the occasional calorie-burning burst of plyometric moves. Start your weekend right feeling empowered, centered, and strong! Friday’s at 1:45 pm.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hot Soulful Flow

This is not your normal everyday yoga class! Get ready to be inspired, and to burn some calories. Expect good vides, soulful music, while flowing through moves that are welcoming to all levels of practitioners. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hot Hatha

Postures will be held for several breath cycles to really allow your mind to let go. Come to this class to realign your body and focus on releasing what doesn’t serve you. Hot Hatha is an all levels class that is radiantly-heated for a detoxifying sweat.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hot Gentle Flow

All levels heated class including seated and standing postures. Class will begin with a short meditation and move into stretching followed by a gentle flow, connecting breath to movement. We will practice the foundational postures of yoga with time to explore alignment, depth, and modifications. Be prepared for a little sweat as this class is lightly heated. Heat is intended to warm the body and gently assist in deepening your postures.  Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Warm Deep Stretch

Deep-Stretch Yoga is a lesser known form of ancient yoga which usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine, and educates the connective tissues of the body to stretch and the mind to focus.
This class is a great compliment to high-intensity workouts such as Crossfit to balance out strength and endurance, with flexibility and improved range of motion.
Benefits of a deep stretch yoga class are far reaching and have long lasting effects on both body and mind such as:
  • relieving muscular & joint pain associated from prolonged sitting/standing or competitive sports
  • improved blood circulation.
  • softening tight muscles, commonly associated with general body aches
  • aids in getting rid of stress & tension throughout the body as a whole
  • helps you relax and sleep better
  • improves joint range of motion, as well as building stronger joints
Warm Deep Stretch is held in the Fire room, lightly heated just enough to warm the muscles, the bones and the soul. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)



Is there a specific class focus that you would like to see on the FLY schedule? We are committed to our students, and recognize that our success depends on the health of our surrounding community. We grow as you grow, so if your growing practice blooms into the desire to try a new class, we want to hear about it. Let us know!