Unheated Class Descriptions

Most of our unheated classes are held in the Earth Room, and a few are held in the Water Room:

(Check out our hot class offerings here.)

Buti Yoga

This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance+body sculpting primal movement. Buti yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Buti favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion. Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY and SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement+conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Connect and sweat with intention. (Music uncensored) Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch is a great compliment to high-intensity workouts such as Crossfit to balance out strength and endurance with flexibility and improved range of motion. Long-held, passive floor poses will stretch the connective tissue and work the shoulders, hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine. The room is unheated and has a calm atmosphere so we can relax into our shapes and to facilitate a deeper opening. Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Gentle Flow

A softer, nurturing, slow-paced practice drawing from the same well-supported and relaxing ambience as Gentle Yoga, but infused with leisurely, steady movement. A warm room enhances postures with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition. A simple and accessible class for most! Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Hatha Yoga

Traditional Asana, Pranayama and meditation practice to balance the sun and moon energies within. In this class you will gain insight to your practice, deepen internal awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. Each posture is held for a few breaths, providing an opportunity to work on alignment and understanding sensations as they arise. This class is welcome to all practitioners. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


HIIT + Yoga

Not counting the reps but making the reps count is what this class is all about. When your muscles burn and your mind aches for release is precisely the moment that the work begins in this class. Strong, energetic, and challenging; Combining the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, stress-reducing, yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout. In a synergistic class of HIIT, Yoga, and calisthenic strength conditioning, you will find the edge of your comfort zone and smash through it.  “I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.” – Muhammad Ali  Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Kids Yoga (Cancelled during the summer months)

In this class series, kids will be encouraged to explore balance, concentration, flexibility and strength. Yoga for kids can help build confidence, body awareness, and a focus on the breath as a tool for centering. We will learn through play and we will cultivate an appreciation for community, ourselves and our friends.

Drop-in for $10/class, or you can purchase a kids yoga (5) class package for $40. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Light on Sculpt

In this class you will bring focus to the power of your breath and set intention. Lite on Sculpt is similar to our Sculpt Power Yoga, but non-heated, less cardio and more form and alignment. After a comprehensive warm up (that opens up the spine, hips, hamstrings), we will connect breath to movement with sun salutations. The focus will be to elongate your spine and connect your core through engaging the Bhandas, (internal muscular locks that are intentionally engaged to redirect energy flow). After setting up good form in asana alignment we will add free weights to develop strength and stamina. You will build lean muscle through total body conditioning in a way that will lend more energetic awareness to your regular yoga practice. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)



30-Minute Meditation Class! ($8 drop-in, or use your class package.)
Meditation is a tool for transformation. 
It is malleable, adaptable and practical for sifting through the impact of modern life and it is pivotal in manifestation and transcending old thought (and body) patterns. Moonbeam Meditation is a method to mellow the intensity of modern living while embracing the ancient practices, old and new school traditions as a method to understanding ourselves and our madness. We explore mindfulness, posturing, totems and wisdom traditions in our sits together. Each individual may go as deep into their experience as is comfortable to them, deconstructing limiting belief patterns and getting to better know the intuition and the witness inside us innately. These guided meditations are a twice weekly welcome break from the potentially projected state of our work day and home life. All levels welcome, you only need bring your breath and body no matter the state it is in. If you’d like to, you can also bring along a journal and pen.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (30 minute class)


Mindful Flow

Integrating traditional alignment-based yoga, philosophy, pranayama (breath work) and meditation, this class is a flowing style of Hatha/Vinyasa yoga which links breath with movement to cultivate a deeper awareness of the self. Learn to quiet the mind while moving the body with fluidity and awareness. The class focuses on a flowing sequence of standing postures and seated work which balance strength and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.  Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Movement + Meditation

A class for the motley spiritualist in is all. A sweet, spiritual, crafted and curated combination of flow state and held shapes drawing influence from wisdom traditions ages old. Freedom invites you to explore your inner realm with your earth body; this practice is friendly and suited for all levels and experience. Creative guided {Moonbeam}Meditation opens and closes every class. May all beings be Wild and Free.  Early sign-up is always encouraged. (80 minute class)


Power Flow

A higher intensity unheated power vinyasa class for those who want a physically challenging class focusing on intelligent alignment, breath control, and strength building to safely move into more advanced postures. Classes are designed to increase body awareness and decrease stress as you learn to respond to difficult situations with ease and focus. Music is played throughout and matches the pace of the class, music may sometimes be uncensored. Previous yoga experience is recommended but not required, and although this is an unheated practice, be prepared to sweat! Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Prenatal Yoga

Explore and celebrate the journey into motherhood. Yoga can be the perfect compliment to pregnancy, fostering a deep connection to yourself and your baby. We will use this practice to increase strength, promote flexibility and embrace a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth. This series is designed for women at all stages of pregnancy. We will cover important topics, such as safe core strengthening, pelvic floor health, optimal fetal position and preparation for labor and delivery. No prior yoga experience necessary. All are welcome! Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)



Restorative yoga is a practice of being, rather than doing, helping to relieve the effects of stress and bring the mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance. The class is guided through prolonged, supported postures which get deep in to the layers of the body, to soothe the nervous system, relieve stress, encourage mindfulness, and cultivate heightened body awareness.  A meditative yoga class with soothing music (sometimes use of singing bowls), essential oils, and postures are supported by the use of bolsters, blocks, and blankets to aid the body in releasing tension. Great for beginners or those who wish to relieve stress from the modern world. Cozy Comfortable clothing is welcomed. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (80 minute class)


Sacred Flow

This soft & slow moving flow will fire up your senses & ignite your inner knowing & truth. A combination of gentle yoga, deep grounded stretching & meditation. Sacred flow focuses on your inner strength through your breath guiding you to find your sacred space, your deepest truest part of you. Essential oils, light massage, & props to aid the body in healing. Bring your BEING into balance with influence from my Ojibwe culture. Great for all levels. Early sign-up is always encouraged.(80 minute class)


Stretch & Zen

This class combines quiet Yin shapes for the connective tissues, followed by fluid stretching of the muscles in the neck, back, shoulders and hips to create more mobility and flexibility in your regular yoga practice. Essential Oils are used. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Tweens Yoga (Cancelled during the summer months)

In this class series, tweens will be encouraged to explore balance, concentration, flexibility and strength. Yoga for tweens can help build confidence, body awareness, and a focus on the breath as a tool for centering. We will learn through play and we will cultivate an appreciation for community, ourselves and our friends.

Drop-in for $10/class, or you can purchase a kids yoga (5) class package for $40. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Vinyasa Flow

Connect with your breath as you move in and out of postures. We encourage each instructor to bring their own creative expression into the room. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)

 Vinyasa Class Descriptions (by instructor):

Align & Flow (Olivia Stephens) – Come home to yourself. This class uses asana, the physical postures, to not only develop greater strength, balance and flexibility but to build a deeper connection between mind, body and spirit. Expect an inspired message and strong flow to leave you feeling deeply centered and re-energized. We’ll begin with a short meditation and gradually build a flow, emphasizing foundational alignment and then layering on poses to steadily build heat with the breath. Students will be encouraged to honor where they are in their yoga practice – props and modifications will be offered and encouraged. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)

Yin/Yang Vinyasa (Anna Volkoff & Catiebelle Bulmer) – In this class you will find the balancing effects of incorporating the yin and yang energies of the practice. Enjoy the strengthening benefits of the heat building yang yoga and allow your body to melt into more passively held stretches within the yin side of yoga. Each class starts with a warm-up and breathing practice, moving with intention to more strength building poses and closes with deeply held stretches for increased flexibility. You will gain strength, flexibility and develop inner self-awareness as you learn to use your breath to flow mindfully. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (75 minute class)

Vinyasa Flow (Meghan Thivierge) – Through a dance-like flow, this class uses the physical postures to not only develop greater strength, balance and flexibility but to touch the mind, body and spirit. Expect an inspired message, powerful music and strong flow to leave you feeling deeply centered and re-energized. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)

Vinyasa Flow (Keri Saul) – Vinyasa Flow where the sequencing is honored as students move through the chakra system. The class begins through breath centered gentle warm-ups, sun salutations, creative standing pose sequences, powerful arm balances, transformative inversions, heart opening backbends, cleansing twists, deep forward bends and hip openers, along with mind-expanding meditation. The class culminates in blissful relaxation, leaving you feeling happy, wild and free!! Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)

Vinyasa Flow (Adrienne Peters, Krista Jones & Crystal Covelle) – This class works to increase balance, strength and flexibility while emphasizing the connections between the breathe, centeredness in the core, and movement. You can expect a short meditation at the beginning of class followed by gentle warm up exercises, sun salutations, a series of standing poses and plenty of time to wind down into savasana. Be prepared for a playful, exploratory and energizing practice. While this class is challenging, students are highly encouraged to move with their own breath and work where they are. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Vinyasa “Float”

Interested in arm balances and inversions but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have some experience, but don’t get enough time to practice these poses in a typical flow class? Vinyasa float is for you! In this class we’ll work on strength, balance, flexibility, and flight. We’ll try different arm balances or inversions each week, allowing time to play and workshop different variations or modifications. Some previous yoga experience recommended, but all levels of arm balance and inversions welcome. This is a great space to learn! Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


“Werk” Flow

Come sweat out your workday stresses to a bumping playlist of cuts that will make you wanna move it, move it! After Werk Flow is a crazy fun combination of fitness, yoga and grooves that will up-level your strength and stamina and put you in touch with your inner badass. Grab a towel and get ready to WERK! Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)



The perfect practice to balance any challenging physical activity – Hot Yoga, Running, Biking – this class will restore your bones and connective tissue allowing you greater range of motion. This is a quiet practice, where postures are held 3-5 minutes. You will leave class feeling stronger, taller and happier. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (We offer both, 60, 75 and 80 minute classes – check schedule.)


Yin + Myofascial Release

This class follows the structure of a traditional yin yoga practice with the incorporation of restorative poses and myofascial release work using yoga therapy balls. Expect a combination of long passive holds, gentle supported postures, and time spent rolling out soft tissue using therapy balls. Self- Myofascial release is like clearing out the cobwebs between the muscles, allowing them to slide and glide more efficiently, which creates an opportunity to integrate new, healthier movement patterns. This technique increases range of motion and reduces pain and recovery time. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (80 minute class)


Yin + Meditation

(Wednesday’s at 10:30 am with Freedom Ciavarello) Soothe the body. Soothe the Mind. Soothe the Inner Being. Yin is a practice for the slow in us all, the creative in us all and the human that is evolving under the pressures of a fast paced world. Physically, Yin is a floor based practice that is heavy on props and cooling to the potentially inflamed body. Mentally, Yin is a system of posturing that releases tension from overwrought minds. Spiritually, Yin is an offering that soothes the soul. Freedom Ciavarello offers a Yin style that is whimsy and engaging, deep and healing and poetic in its appreciation of you. She leads a Moonbeam Meditation during practice to mellow the madness of modern life. Freedom offers an adaptable practice suitable for all levels and body types. May all beings be wild and free. Early sign-up is always encouraged.(60 minute class)


Yoga For Cross-training

A class designed as an adjunct to your already active life whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a yogi, a soccer player, a walker, a teacher, insert whatever activity here…
This class is focused on injury prevention as you strengthen your muscle groups that surround major hingers in the body (think sore knees and shifty hips and weak wrists). Key elements of this class include intelligent body weight exercises, low impact dynamic movements complimented with corrective and soothing yoga stretches. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Yoga Fundamentals

Calling all brand-new yogis and experienced practitioners alike to get back to the basics! Build your confidence and basic knowledge of the postures, you will find in our other class offerings, as we take a workshop approach to breaking down each pose in a way that works for your body no matter your experience level. Expect one-on-one attention and a chance to ask questions along the way! Limited to 6 people – Early sign-up is always always encouraged. (60 minute class)


Yoga Nidra

A guided restorative session, to break free from the stress of the noisy and restless world that maintains its presence in our bodies and minds at all times. This class will allow you to take the time to let all the cells of your physical body, joints and organs de-stress and begin to find balance. This result occurs on an unconscious level as your bodily systems become healthy, balanced and refreshed. You will then be ready to sit quietly for the final 15 minutes in the practice of contemplative meditation, to bring your awareness even further within and guide you toward the Real Self deep in your heart. From this place, it will be easy for you to acknowledge, see and feel the Unity in the diversity, the sameness of all. You will slowly realize “all is within” and “we are all one”. Each session includes different special practices and spiritual discourses. Early sign-up is always encouraged. (60 minute class)



Is there a specific class focus that you would like to see on the FLY schedule? We are committed to our students, and recognize that our success depends on the health of our surrounding community. We grow as you grow, so if your growing practice blooms into the desire to try a new class, we want to hear about it. Let us know!