Let’s stay healthy FLY family!

(Update 2/10/21)


Many Restrictions are lifting, but we continue to be safe and make smart decisions ❤️

  • The health and safety of you and our employees is our #1 priority. Mask-wearing, social distancing and health screenings upon arrival are still taking place! NO CHANGES THERE.
  • We can now safely add to our class capacity, (as of this Friday, Feb. 12,) so getting into classes will start to get a little easier. Class sizes are still small and mats will be 6 ft. apart.
  • We will be adding more classes to our schedule in the coming weeks!
  • Locker room usage is still very limited (to our single-stall, all-user restroom) and showers are still off limits in our studio for now, but we are making moves to open these up in the coming weeks. Until then, please continue to plan accordingly and come to class prepared.
  • In-studio classes still have a 3-day booking window until further notice. (Please be committed to the classes you sign up for!)
  • Although our class capacity is expanding, it is still small and we ask for your cooperation in making sure everyone that wants to come back to the studio, can do so.
    • Please only sign up for one in-studio class per day. Only sign up for classes you know you can attend.
    • Because of our limited capacity, our late cancel and no-show policy will continue to be STRICTLY enforced.
    • Our cancellation window is as follows:
      • All 6am and 8am class reservations must be cancelled by 8pm the night before
      • All other class reservations must be cancelled at least 4 hours before class time
    • Please arrive for class no earlier than 15 min. before start time and no later than 5 min. before. Currently, we have one person staffing the studio and teaching their own class, so the window above is extremely helpful in allowing us to have adequate time to set up, as well as start class on time.
    • As always, if any sudden onset of cold/flu/covid symptoms come on, please let us know right away and we will waive your late-cancel fee if applicable!
    • Please review our full list of Studio Terms HERE.
  • Make sure your MindBody profile is subscribed to text notifications for “Reminders and schedule changes” so you know right away if you’ve been moved off the waitlist and onto the class roster. 
    • When you receive this text, please confirm or decline your reservation RIGHT AWAY. 
    • Please note that by signing up for class on the waitlist, you are agreeing to the same terms as signing up for the class. (The same cancellation policy applies.)
  • Check the schedule every morning and check it often for available spots.
  • Download the FLY app (if you haven’t already) and make sure you have notifications turned ON in your system settings. If we have any last-minute (within 4 hours of class time) openings with no one on the waitlist, we will send out an app notification and you will be among the first to know and have the opportunity to sign up!



We are a community in this together. We are a team. We are a family. This means we have to work together to do our best in keeping each other safe and healthy. ❤️ We got this!!



(Update 1/31/21)

We are reopening our doors on Monday, February 1! Our reopening schedule is small but mighty, and is live. (Classes can be booked up to 3 days in advance.)

We know some of you are not feeling comfortable coming back into the studio yet and we totally get it. Do not worry! We have decided to also keep our live stream class schedule active and robust at this time.


Sign up in advance: At least 30 minutes before class time. Our classes have a very limited capacity in order to maintain safe social distance. Please be aware of our cancellation policy as well. (Found on our website “studio terms” page.)



Be on time: Please plan to arrive to the studio at least 10 min. before class start time. Give yourself plenty of time to navigate traffic and parking. If you are running a few minutes behind, please call the studio. No one will be allowed to enter once the teacher has started class. The front door will be locked once the teacher begins class.


Arrive prepared: Bring your own gear, including water, and bring only what you need. We are not offering mat and towel rentals until further notice. (Mats and water are available for purchase if you forget yours. Our filtered water station is closed at this time.) Please note that showers are currently unavailable. Please come dressed and ready as much as possible. Our all-user single-stall bathroom will be available for use before and after class.


Wear a mask: Masks must be worn the entire time you are inside the studio, including during practice. This is required by the state of Oregon until further notice.



Maintain distance from others: No explanation necessary, right? Please respect everyone’s space, including your own.



Health Check: Upon arrival, you will be asked if you have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and your temperature will be checked using a touchless thermometer. You will also be asked to sanitize your hands with our touchless station at the front desk. This will be as much of a touchless experience as possible from the time you enter, to the time you leave.


Support your teacher:
Teachers will not be giving hands-on adjustments and everyone is asked to stay on their mats throughout class.





Stay in the room: This will help to maintain physical distancing. Please be prepared for class and plan to stay for the duration until the teacher opens the doors after final savasana.


Air Flow: Fresh air exchange will happen a few times during each class. We use highly-rated fan/furnace filters recommended by the CDC. We are also working on purchasing an air purifier for the yoga room.





Exiting: Please maintain social distancing while exiting. One person at a time at the shoe cubbies please.



Showers: Please plan ahead, as showers are not available at this time.



Sanitization: All high-touch surfaces are disinfected before and after every class. We are using products approved by the EPA and following all of the CDC guidelines. (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/disinfecting-building-facility.html) The floors in the studio are mopped and disinfected after every class. (We have a special disinfectant and mop just for the yoga room.)



Respect studio policies and each other: Remember, we are all in this together and these guidelines are in place to keep everyone healthy.



LIVE STREAM CLASSES are NOT going anywhere!

We’ll be managing our in-studio schedule, live stream scheduleand filming schedule for FLY TV all at the same time. Our intention is to keep everyone practicing with us regardless of your comfort level, schedule or budget!