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 Holly Bussmus

I discovered yoga for the first time while in college, but didn’t fall “head-over- heels in love” until my late 20’s. I turned to yoga during a time when my career left me feeling stressed-out, anxious, tired and feeling unhealthy overall. The therapy provided by a regular yoga practice helped the storm clear in my mind more than any anti-depressant or sleep-aid ever could for me. In addition to the mental benefits, I very quickly saw first-hand the physical benefits that came with the practice and knew that yoga would forever hold a strong importance in my life and a special place in my heart.

Through teaching and sharing yoga with others, I hope to inspire and help bring about the same life-changing practice that brings so much joy and awareness into my everyday life. The dream of opening Firelight Yoga with my best friend Jessica Bartley, and this opportunity to share yoga with our community, fills my heart with gratitude.


 Jessica Bartley

After spending much of my teenage and young adult years struggling everyday to figure out who I was and what was important to me, yoga and I finally found each other. It could not have come at a better time, as I felt my life was in a downward spiral. Through my practice and teaching of yoga, I have discovered a calmness and simple joy for life that has brought more peace, happiness, and satisfaction than I ever thought possible. I have found strength from within myself to push through the difficult times and try to find the lesson to be learned in every interaction. Yoga has increased my capacity to engage in and enjoy each day as it comes.

Through the opening of our yoga studio, I hope to continue to share with others what yoga has done for us and impress upon our clients the knowledge and power to change their own lives, health, and wellbeing through yoga and more healthful living. This studio is a dream come true for Holly and me, and we are both so thankful and excited to grow with you in our practice as we build-up our yoga studio community together!



• Celine Boochever

I am a 200 hour RYT and holistic health coach. Health and wellness has always been an interest of mine, but I would find it hard to commit to any one thing for long periods of time. My intention for exercise and diet was for exterior reasons: i.e. to look good in that crop top or bikini! While, feeling confident in your birthday suit is never a bad goal, I found it was easy to fall off the wellness wagon. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga as my main form of exercise that I found I could really stick with something. Initially, it was the promise of toned muscles and detox that brought me into those hot and sweaty rooms, but, ultimately, it was the peace I found within my mind that kept me coming back again and again.

I love this practice because there is always something new to learn and so much room for growth that it never gets old. My goal is to create a fun and light-hearted environment where my students feel safe to let go and play with new shapes. I hope you will join me for a class soon!

• Erin Brooks

Yoga found me in a wrestling room on a college campus by a wonderful Hatha yoga teacher 19 years ago. I spent the next 4 years moving with her and taking all of the classes she taught in the area. I felt so wonderful when she allowed me to fully explore my body – releasing its fears and showing its light. She brought the spirit out within me. 

Living in Portland after college, my journey since then has had its ebs and flows. The one thing I always found was that the times when I was off my mat, my life seemed to lose its center. I see that Yoga is the support system we need for ourselves. For our spirits. For our bodies. 

I became a Certified Gyrotonics instructor in 2010 and bring the knowledge of that beautiful exploration of the body into my yoga classes. I went through a great 2 years of Ashtanga style Vinyasa teacher training while in Spokane under a very wonderful and gifted couple. I found my inner Guru over there and love sharing my experiences with Portland.

My classes are restorative and meditative. I help to enable the vibrational flow within our bodies. Using Singing Bowls, Aromatherapy and Sound, I find that by drawing us within ourselves, we find the best light show in the Universe. We are a reflection of this wonderful Universe. 

Thank you for allowing me to guide you through your bodies. The light inside of me, honors the light inside of you. ~Namaste.


• Eva Korinek

I became a 200-hour RYT after completing Firelight Yoga’s first teacher training in 2015. It is my intention to continue to develop as both an instructor and a life-long student of yoga.

“Yoga” for me has always meant many different things and I continue to draw constant inspiration from the world around and within me. However, I believe its through a regular asana practice we truly get to connect to our deepest and truest selves. The most meaningful, challenging, and important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. Yoga allows for the deepest connection to our true selves. This is where ultimate happiness and peace live. When we practice together that infinite bliss is amplified and intensified. I’m elated to grow, evolve, and practice with you.


Katie DiPasquale

I began my yoga practice 7 years ago after moving to Portland from the Midwest. Life as a young executive in the corporate world created the need for an outlet to burn off energy and recenter from the stress of work. Power yoga and Yoga Sculpt in particular became my outlet for stress and anxiety relief. The combination of strength training, cardio and mindful movement was just the ticket. I completed my Yoga Sculpt Certification summer of 2015 on a whim and have been teaching since. In addition to Sculpt training, I also have a 200-hour Power Yoga Certification. I encourage my students to find balance–working past their comfort zones and past any false limitations their mind may set–while also being mindful and respectful of what their body is telling them. My classes are designed for students to feel pushed and challenged but also successful and inspired. A motivated but lighthearted spirit and a no-fear attitude, when it comes to working hard and sweating, are a must when it comes to taking class with me.

• Wendy Lafady

I am a Portland native and have been in the fitness industry since 2009. It all started when my mom put me in a dance class at the age of four and I instantly found that love of dance in my heart. Fast forward, and the real world and big city career became the way of life as adulthood and responsibilities settled in. I recall reading an article about finding purpose in life, the meaning, and doing what you love. This article stuck in my head because I felt something in my life was missing. I wanted to find the balance in my life to take that childhood love of dance and share it with others. I became licensed to teach Zumba Fitness® in 2009 and I felt as if I found that meaning and I was able to share my love of dance and movement with others. 

Opportunity presented itself in 2012, I became certified to teach  POUND®. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements and is an amazing cardio jam session, my students love it! For 60 minutes they are the drummers as I am there audience with this fun rock out workout!   

In 2015, I became certified to teach Yoga. I feel Yoga is a perfect balance to other fitness formats. Yoga allows me to connect with myself over and over again, I feel that moment to slow down, observe, and find that peace. Yoga will be my lifelong practice and am honored to be able to share that peace as I teach to others.

I have thanked my mom for putting that hyperactive four year old in dance classes. She helped me find my path as an adult by using my dance skills as a springboard into the world of fitness and teaching others. I am so thankful for the opportunity and freedom to learn so many, exciting fitness formats to share with my students.  Zumba Fitness®, POUND®, Yoga RYT200, TRX, and Boot Camp classes.




• Anna Volkoff

Yoga became a practice for me long before I knew what yoga was. For as long as I can remember, I have always honored the awareness of breath, quieted my busy mind, found peace through life’s difficulties, stillness amongst the noise, and enjoyed putting my body into shapes that felt good-everything we do in a yoga class. 

I believe yoga is our truest form, a connection and pathway to the inner self. Busyness of life gets in the way and disconnects us from this pure, natural state. When we connect to our truest nature we are able to connect with others and live more harmoniously with the world that surrounds us. We can find living with more purpose and love. This is the practice. 

In my classes I strive to help you live and move more mindfully, dive into the body and develop inner-standing, find a greater peace within, and release layers so you are able to connect to your true self within. I find inspiration for my classes from the beauty that surrounds me everyday. I encourage your own expression of yoga, however it speaks to you. I am filled with gratitude to share in this journey with you and look forward to connecting with you on the mat.

Crystal Covelle

I was born and raised here in Portland, Oregon and never moved away; a rare breed, indeed. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, I enjoy working at my friend’s super fun bar, Turn! Turn! Turn!, handcrafting candles, and traveling. 

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2000 and loving it! Since 2015, I have 350 training hours as an RYT certified through Yoga Alliance.

My classes are intended to provide students with a safe and fun environment to have their own practice. I encourage students to let their bodies tell them where to go, taking a full expression or a modification, for example. In my classes, we will aim to collectively focus on the breath and stay in the present moment, all while giving our bodies a good work out.

• Heather Vaught

I was first introduced to yoga in 2003, and loved the balance of focus, challenge, and relaxation that I found through my practice. Yoga has allowed me to focus on the present moment in such an accessible way, and I appreciated how –  no matter where in the world I am – I can always come to the mat and find a sense of calm.

I received my RYS 200 Teacher Certification at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Dharamsala, India, in June 2010 and studied under Yogacharya Lalit, with a focus on Ashtanga and Hatha yoga.

While I feel immense gratitude for all the teachers I have had along the way, I believe each student is their own best teacher. In my classes, I encourage students to listen to, and learn from themselves and their own experiences.  I also believe in the power of breath to help connect to the present moment, and throughout my classes students are encouraged to use observation of the breath and body to stay connected to the present and immerse themselves in their practice. Yoga has been such a gift in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.


• Julie Navarre

I turned to yoga in 1996 as an alternative to traditional fitness routines and realized immediately how much the practice can transform not just the body, but also emotional and mental health. I soon learned the benefits of yoga for stress relief and an empowered sense of self.

From then, I continued to go to classes and grow in yoga. After practicing yoga for almost 15 years, I decided to get my 200-hour certification so that I can share the beauty of the practice with my community and teach others how to empower themselves for growth and change.

• Claire Hughey

I began taking yoga classes in 2009 to supplement running and other activities. After an injury while running a half marathon, I found yoga becoming my main form of exercise, and was surprised that it took on a role more expansive than just a workout. Not only did my body feel better than it ever had, but I found clarity in my mind, an appreciation for my breath, and a beautiful community in a yoga studio. Yoga became a lifestyle for me.

After 10 years away living in New York City and Denver, I returned home to Portland in 2015, and was thrilled to discover Firelight. The community and classes were just what I needed. I look forward to guiding, moving and sweating with all you Portland yogis!

• Jason Schwartz

I grew up around yoga. My parents have both been practicing since the 1970s and my mom has been a teacher for the better part of three decades. After teaching yoga in Washington DC for a few years, I moved to Portland in the summer of 2018 to attend East West School of Healing Arts for massage therapy.

While I’m fortunate enough to share what I love, I’ll always be a student first. The practice drives the teaching. When I play the teacher role, I point to direct experience. My classes emphasize simplicity and quietness. Intimacy and self care. Awareness and feel. The poses are just a medium through which we practice a quality of being – meditation in motion. We start to peel back the measuring, the comparing, the hurrying, the suppression that we get inundated with on a daily basis. And maybe, if we’re real lucky, we begin to see what’s left when all the fear-based conditioning starts to fall away. Yoga is revolution every time we step on the mat.



• Carrie Ann Cunha

I dabbled in yoga on and off throughout my earlier years, but yoga truly found me at a very low point in my life. On my mat I was able to feel peace and acceptance. I was able to nourish not only my body, but my heart, mind and soul as well. During class I found the ability to really let everything go and focus on my well being. Taking what I learned with me, using my yoga breath and peaceful mind to get me through the tough times.When Firelight opened I felt I had found another home and was excited to deepen my yoga practice with their teacher training. As an instructor I hope to bring that feeling of peace, love, light and ultimately joy, that I have been so fortunate to find.

• Olivia Stephens

Yoga found me when I moved to Chicago in 2012 after graduating college. For as long as I can remember I struggled with feeling truly comfortable in my body. I was searching for a deeper and more meaningful connection with myself, and soon found myself in a Bikram yoga studio in downtown Chicago. Having never practiced yoga before, the Bikram sequence was intimidating, and equally as intimidating to me at that time was having to stare at my reflection for an entire 90 minutes. Yet every day after work I showed up to improve my physical, spiritual, and mental practice – to become more comfortable with how I existed in the world. I eventually began to practice yoga at home as well, and the gradual transformation of mind, body, and spirit translated into my daily life off of the mat as I began to see myself and the world around me in a new, beautiful light.

My move to Portland resounded a craving for more growth and change, and ultimately brought me to Firelight Yoga, where I ended up completing my 200 hour RYT training during the winter of 2016. As a yoga teacher, I strive to cultivate a space where students feel welcomed, empowered, and feel a profound sense of energizing self-love from their practice. In my personal practice over the past four years, I’ve experienced a radical mental and spiritual transformation, and feel honored to share with students the love, light, and joy yoga has brought to my life.



• Hilary Pickerel

My first introduction to yoga was at a gym in Seattle in 2003. It was a little awkward, I didn’t know what I was doing, I’m sure I was falling over myself, and I loved every minute of it. I went through fits and starts with my practice but always felt the draw when I was away for too long. In 2010, a friend took me to a Bikram studio and I haven’t looked back since. It deepened my practice, commitment and dedication. 

I continued my Bikram practice when moving to Portland in 2014, but eventually found myself wanting to branch out, try other forms, and learn more. I found Firelight Yoga, felt an instant connection, and in early 2016 completed my 200 RYT training.

The mental and physical benefits of yoga continue to astound me. I learn something new about myself or the practice in almost every class. As a teacher, I hope to provide a safe, calm and supportive environment, that allows for the freedom and understanding of our minds and bodies each day.

• Bryan Fuss

As a running coach, swim instructor, and high school mathematics teacher, I am extremely passionate about both education and movement. I initially turned to yoga as a supplement to long distance triathlon training and completed my initial 200hr training in India. After traveling and teaching around Asia for the next year I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2016. Since then I have completed an additional 150hr training under the direction of Scott Lennartz. I believe our experience on our mat reflects how we handle ourselves in the outside world. I highlight these experiences through dynamic movement, strength building, intelligent alignment and subtle refinements. If we train the body, the mind will follow.   I bring high energy, creativity, and humor into all my classes with the goal of expanding our awareness towards our habitual tendencies. By increasing our awareness towards these tendencies we are able to eventually break through them and lead more wholesome, meaningful lives.



• Heather Klawender

My love affair with movement began at age 3 when I started dancing. I have since developed a profound appreciation for the self awareness, connectedness, spaciousness, and peace which physical practice brings to each individual. I’ve practiced yoga since 2002 and am honored to have been certified in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga under the tutelage of Sarah Trelease. I am personally committed to yoga asana as a form of moving meditation; a way of staying mindful, centered and whole. My teaching focuses on alignment, strength, connection to the breath, presence, compassion and awareness. I aim to help my students build confidence in their abilities and loving kindness toward themselves. I strive to hold a space in which all feel completely welcome and accepted regardless of where they are at in their practice; a positive space from which to learn, grow, laugh and thrive. I am humbled with gratitude at the opportunity to share presence, space, smiles and breath with The Firelight Yoga community.



• Molly Hodson

I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher with a passion for sharing the power of mindful breath and intuitive movement. My teaching is inspired by the ancient traditions of yoga and grounded in a modern understanding of the human body. In addition to leading open-level vinyasa classes that are accessible yet challenging for students of all capabilities, I love to teach beginner, gentle and restorative yoga. I strive to make the practice attainable and enjoyable for students of all ages, abilities, and from all walks of life. 

I first came to yoga in college and loved it immediately, but really began to deepen my practice as an antidote to my high stress post-grad life in New York. After experiencing the positive impact yoga had on my life during some particularly difficult times, I decided to share the power of the practice with others and completed the Kripalu School of Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Intensive in Massachusetts in 2015. Shortly after training I began to make my way west and after spending a year teaching in the mountains of Utah, I fell in love with Portland and started a new chapter here. I am delighted and grateful to have found my Portland yoga home at Firelight Yoga and excited to share my love of  yoga in its many forms with you here.


Chelsea Grubbs

One night in college, I stumbled upon a friend doing sun salutations at a house party and decided to join her. I was blown away by how amazing I felt, and soon after I sought out a studio and began practicing almost daily. I took to yoga like a fish to water! I loved how communal yet private the practice was – how each person experienced the asanas and teachings differently, yet we all shared a collective healing energy. Yoga gave me the tools to navigate whatever challenges the universe brings me, and has made celebrating the victories and successes that much sweeter. I became a teacher because I wanted to share those tools and that feeling with as many people as possible.

I love to balance my vinyasa classes with longer holds to really open the body and slow the mind, as well as fluid movements to build inner heat and keep the mind present. I encourage everyone to honor and love their body and their practice for exactly what they are in the moment, because what else is there?

 Catiebelle Bulmer

I am an artist, teacher and yogi originally from a small farm in Pennsylvania. I enjoy working with my students to help them see their innate gifts and inner light. During a silent, Buddhist Vipassana meditation in Koh Phangan, Thailand, I developed a love of yoga, as a form of meditation through movement. After beginning a daily practice, studying under Michele Loew of The Yoga Space in Portland, Oregon, I received my 200hr-RYT certification. Integrating traditional alignment-based yoga, philosophy, pranayama and lovingkindness meditation, I unite concepts in a practical way to help you better understand the anatomy of your physical, mental, and emotional body. My class is a flowing style of yoga which links breath and movement, through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness. Modifications and variations are offered to meet the different levels of individual students and each session is a personalized practice with gentle hands-on assists, specific to physical needs.

Though my preferred teaching style is an Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Flow, I also teach a variety of other classes around PDX, including Restorative, Hatha Flow, Prenatal, yoga for middle schoolers, and Mom & Baby. In my free time, I’m an active Acro-Yogi and SUP Yoga adventurer. In addition to teaching yoga, I am also a Professor of Design at the Art Institute of Portland, a local mural painter, and currently offering my services as a small business design & marketing consultant.




Freedom Ciavarello

I believe in you and your magic. I offer a whimsy, soulful and inspiring practice for all levels of living. I explore the infinite nature of the inner being and the constant flux of humanness thru movement and meditation. I am a writer, Cacao enthusiast, advocate for the divine feminine and magic maker. I am an intuitive coach and lead workshops and ceremony locally. More can be found about my method for the madness of existence at www.moonbeamdaydream.com.


Lauren Williamson

Being active has always been played an important part of my life: cheerleading in high school, participating in many fitness classes and getting certified to teach Zumba(R) in 2013. While I still love teaching Zumba(R) classes, I always felt like there was something that could take that fun energy to the next level. Enter: Buti Yoga: a fusion workout combining power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, and deep abdominal toning. It is fierce, life changing and confidence building.

Yoga has come in and out of my life but I have been obsessed with it for the past 3 years. Personally, I have felt the transformative aspects of yoga not only in my body, but in my mind as well. The combination of yoga and movement has resonated with me in a very powerful way.

In 2016 I had a baby and felt very disconnected from my body during my pregnancy and post partum. Buti Yoga helped me form a connection with my body that was even stronger than before. That’s how I hope my students feel after taking my class. My classes are high energy and fun, but I also want them to feel a connection with the people around them and themselves. What I hope to cultivate is a sense of support and belonging instead of feeling a need to compete. We all want the person next to us to be as successful at the practice as we are.


Haley Horsfall

I entered a yoga studio in 2006 upon accepting an invitation from a friend and left the class with a deeper understanding of how this practice could be so beneficial and healing. In 2015, I had the honor of receiving the instruction and mentorship of Melonie Nielsen, director of Yoga Repattering.  After graduating with 200 hours and specializing in alignment-based beginner to intermediate level asana, I aim to create a fun and effective arc through my sequences so the student leaves feeling more centered and empowered in their body. Teaching yoga leaves me with a sense of deep gratitude, with a love to share the Ahhh and A-Ha moments with my students.


Kerianne Saul

I share from my own daily practice; riding the wave between rhythmic vinyasa and softness in the shapes. My passion for inversions, hands on adjustments, creative transitions and groovy playlists are clear in my teachings. I thread yoga philosophy, mudra, mantra and poetry into my offering. I value the process of self discovery and progression, and I bow to the seeker that lives in the heart of all of us. I will guide you to the edge and allow you to meet yourself right there with love and gratitude.

I have been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2012.  After receiving my 200-hour RYT through Laughing Lotus NYC, I am now currently working toward my 500-hour RYT.  I am forever grateful to all the beautiful teachers and mentors that I have studied with over the years specifically; Dana Trixie Flynn, Mary Dana Abbott, Francesca Bove, Ali Cramer, Lauren Magarelli and Sheri Cellantano.



Satheara Teeuwen

I took my first yoga class when I moved to New York to pursue musical theater. As a Portland native, I struggled with life in the big city and yoga helped me get through that difficult time. While I was initially drawn to it because of the physical benefits, I quickly discovered how it helped calm my mind and soothe my soul.

Yoga was my first introduction to mind, body, and spirit wellness and I loved it! When I moved back to Portland I decided to become a massage therapist. Now in addition to massage and yoga, I’m an aesthetician, Reiki practitioner and the owner of Chandara Bodyworks Wellness Studio.

Over the past few years I have fallen head over heels for Buti Yoga. The combination of primal movement, yoga flow, and dance nourishes my spirit and has helped me unlock confidence and a deep sense of self-love. I have become my most radiant self and my goal is to share this joy with my students!


Mercedes Benyo

My classes are inspired by my Ojibwe culture, taking you down a sacred journey to discover your “wild” self. I believe healing through yoga is for everyone. Finding your sacred space through breath and movement comes self discovery and healing. It’s not about what asanas you can and can’t do. It’s about your own spiritual evolution of Self.

My yoga journey began not for the physical body, but for my mental health. I have struggled with chronic migraines most my life leaving me feeling helpless. This caused depression and anxiety, but I knew this couldn’t be it for me. I read the book Fierce Medicine by Ana Forrest (creator of Forrest yoga); this book spoke to me. I began meditation and yoga and felt the fire within me. My migraines come and go, but the connection I have to my whole self: mind, body and spirit, gave me the power to believe in myself in all aspects of my life. These self discoveries were through my yoga journey, teaching me my practice is just as important off the mat. The vibration of peace I feel when I’m in my sacred space listening to my true self with no judgements or expectations, I know that I am free and I want everyone to feel that freedom within themselves.



Amy Healy

I started practicing yoga in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. As my practice has evolved over the years, I fell more and more in love with Yoga Sculpt. In October 2016, I decided it was time to deepen my practice and enrolled in Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training. I was hooked! I wasn’t ready to stop learning and was craving more knowledge. I went on to enroll in Power Yoga Teacher Training and became a 200-hour RYT in April 2017.

In my class, I strive to help my students feel strong + empowered. I encourage all my students to listen to their body, take what they need, and push themselves to find their edge (that’s where we get stronger!) Be ready to work hard, get sweaty, and walk away feeling accomplished. I hope you’ll join me for a class soon!

Veronika Vogler

I have been a student of yoga as a way of life for over 15 years. I am an advanced certified Sivananda instructor and 800 hour trained Dharma Yoga teacher. I currently live and teach between  Portland and NYC and at the world renowned Dharma Yoga Center. In addition to traditional yoga practice, I have spent the last several years studying Cree Native American practices and traveling the world to join in a variety of ceremonies and knowledge exchanges. I offer a dynamic practice blending kriya, asana , meditation  with a focus on the breath and heart. All levels are welcome.

Adrienne Peters

My passion for movement began as a young child and has grown and developed over the years. While studying dance and theater, I noticed the connection between movement and well-being. Intrigued by this idea, I decided to dive deeper into my curiosity. I studied Somatics, dance theater and yoga in college. I fell in love with belly dance and had my own troupe for 10 years! I found yoga to be fundamental to my foundation as a performer and I was hooked! After graduating from New College of California with a degree in Arts & Social Change, I taught dance and movement in schools and at local studios. Following my fascination with body mechanics, I went on to become a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. After many years of cultivating my yoga practice, I became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2013. I teach many styles of yoga, barre and dance fitness! I love sharing my passion for yoga and helping people to feel their best! I have an accessible style of teaching that welcomes all levels and abilities. My classes are innovative and invigorating. My hope is that my students leave feeling refreshed and transformed!


 Rachel Walsh

I am an 800 RYT and 500 E-RYT with over a decade of teaching experience in the U.S. and in the U.K. I completed a 500-hour Master program at Yoga Pura in Phoenix, Arizona in 2004, and my Yoga Nidra Facilitator certification through Yoga Pura and Kamini Desai in 2010. In 2004 and again in 2008, I received my certification to teach kids and teens through Motion Potions in Az & Yoga Bugs and Yoga’d Up in London, England. I have taught classes all over the world including Phoenix, San Diego, London, Portland and a few other cities. All of my classes focus on awakening the true Self with humor, truthfulness & removing what no longer serves us. I embrace a wide range of Hatha yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Amrit, Viniyoga, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa.

• Jimena Galvez

My practice began eighteen years ago when yoga emerged as a way in which I could support myself in the intensity of care giving for my mum who had been diagnosed with cancer. I learned that Yoga was a great resource to cope with stress, and fell in love with the way I felt. My yoga practice has bloomed into a deep well of self-inquiry. It’s a refuge to navigate life’s chaos, a nest allowing vulnerability during transitions and an alter to set intention. Yoga tenderly and powerfully allows me to return to my humble, vibrant, content self.

What I love about teaching is the chance to hold space for people to come and simply be in their body and connect with their own innate wisdom. When we roll out the mat and tap into our own grace we refine our skillfulness at listening inward, cultivating compassion and patience. This practice has profoundly empowered me, sharpening my ability to pause and to make mindful choices that nourish evolving needs and permeate daily life. Teaching is an auspicious opportunity to learn and my gratitude for all my formal teachers as well as all who show up on their mats beside me, grows with each passing season. Offering what I’ve digested as a student to my community is an honor I find deeply satisfying. These offerings span from the 8 limbs of Yoga, anatomy, self-care from 15 years asan LMT, healing from injuries, pregnancy and of course grief. I cherish humor, exploring poses with playfulness. I’ve found an alignment focused practice shifts my perspective from witnessing my tendencies, being challenged to find my fringes, and fully relaxing. My hope is that each practice offers an infusion of ease, effort, rest and reflection so we depart feeling integrated and refreshed.



 Trey Benson

Ever since I was a kid I have needed to be in motion, which sent me on a war path to experience all the activities life had to offer. At 15 years old, I was introduced to power yoga, and became a life long practitioner. Five years later, I decided to enroll in a 200 hour YTT to deepen my understanding of the beautiful tradition that had added so much to my life, but upon completing the program, I didn’t feel I had what it took to be an instructor. It wasn’t until 2016, when I was sentenced to a year in federal prison for a marijuana charge, that I left my self-doubt behind me, and chose to share this gift of yoga with my fellow inmates. Through that experience I learned the power we have over our bodies is a gateway to the control we have over our minds and ultimately, our realities. Having been blessed with that experience, I am excited to share with you the tools I have gathered from my lifelong passion for motion in the form of power vinyasa, calisthentics, H.I.T, and crossfit techniques.


• Meghan Thivierge

As a dancer for over 15 years, I first practiced yoga to complement my dance practice. Several years ago, I began to deepen my yoga practice and discovered the amazing and transformative power of yoga. Yoga became more than just a physical practice for me, but a true mind-body-spirit experience.

As a teacher, I love nothing more than creating a space for my students to not only gain greater strength and flexibility, but to discover greater peace and their true selves.


 Heba Khalid

I spent much of my childhood and teenage years in dance studios and quickly understood how important having a connection to movement was for me. I would dance wherever I could and put my family through many evenings of living room performances. I started working with children as a teenager teaching dance & movement in summer camps and classrooms. When I discovered yoga years later I found that it not only satiated my desire to move and connect with my body but it also gifted me a greater sense of peace and balance in my everyday life. I started working in elementary schools as a support worker and found myself leading groups of children through breathing exercises and yoga poses and play to support them through their days. That work inspired me to become a Certified Expressive Arts Therapist.

I have spent the last ten years working with kids and youth as a support worker and therapist and have always used the powerful practice of yoga with my clients. So to add to my certification as a therapist I decided to become a certified Kids Yoga Instructor and a Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor. Working with children is something that brings me so much joy. Children bring forth such curiosity, honesty and a playfulness that truly inspire a connected yoga practice. I look forward to seeing your smiles on the mat!


• Krista Jones

After taking my first yoga class 15 years ago, I was hooked. The mind body connection found in yoga felt natural having spent 10 years of my youth as a dancer. The athlete in me loved the physical challenge of yoga. My busy mind loved the quiet and calm found through yoga. My continued practice over the years lead me to complete Power Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. The experience proved to be tremendously transformational and I have been teaching ever since.

I love that yoga continues to push me to move and grow in unexpected ways. It keeps me present and grounded through life’s transitions and reminds me to breathe through joy and challenge. Yoga offers me a deeper understanding of my truest self to allow me to move with authenticity and create genuine connections with the surrounding world. Yoga connects me to courage, strength, and clarity of mind to follow my heart and pursue my dreams. As a working mom, yoga offers me balance and reminds me that I am enough.

I see my yoga mat as a playground and practice space for living an extraordinary life. I feel grateful for the opportunity to share yoga and all of its possibilities with others. In class I aim to create a space for all to explore a deeper connection to their true self to inspire a practice of presence, authenticity, inner peace, and empowerment.


• Heather Anetsberger

I have been exposed to the fitness & wellness world pretty much my whole life, but really my yoga journey began in 2010 when I found a beautiful little yoga studio on the shoreline of eastern Connecticut. I fell in love with the practice but mostly I fell in love with the community. I loved being part of what felt like something bigger than myself, a group of like-minded people participating in wellness and surrounding each other in loving support. From there I got curious and started the learning portion of my journey. I started slow with some small workshops and a couple mini yoga retreats and then graduated to taking my first 200 hour training at a Baptiste inspired school. From there I have taken multiple trainings in all different parts of the world. Collectively I have logged 1100 training hours included my most recent adventure to Baja Mexico where I took an advanced yoga teacher training focused on teaching Yin & Restorative yoga.
Being influenced and inspired by a variety of different environments, teachers, and trainings, I strive to bring forth a powerful source of meditation and asana within the yoga practice. My style greatly consists of creative sequencing, hands on assisting, motivation, love and community. The main goal is to bring you to the mat and have you leave challenged in someway, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. I always like to say that happiness is a spiritual experience we are blessed to receive when we move through life with grace, gratitude & love. See you on the mat!

 Haley Womack

It was around 2AM during finals week on a cold, December night and my best friend and I were studying in the library together for who knows what horrible test we would be facing the next day, when we decided to sign up for our 200-hour RYT immersion program that we had never even discussed attending before. I went into the training hoping to just deepen my own practice, not sure that I wanted to go out into the world and teach, but left with a passion for sharing the practice outside of my own mat. I am positive that yoga was the only thing that kept me sane while I was in college and I love providing that solace to others. Somedays, for me, yoga can look like practicing the first half of the class and taking savasana the last half. Somedays it looks like not doing any balancing poses and skipping ALL the vinyasas. Whatever your practice looks like, I would love to have you in a class and encourage all levels to come and do what your body is telling you to do, no matter what that looks like.

My favorite part of teaching is getting to assist my students not only by verbally guiding them through the practice, but by physically assisting them in poses to help get deeper into postures and to avoid injury in an asana. But fear not! I will always ask at the beginning of class if you want to receive these assists and if you don’t for any reason whatsoever I will give you a discreet way of letting me know. I promise, my feelings won’t be hurt but if it’s any incentive, sometimes an assist just means a quick little neck or shoulder massage while you’re in child’s pose or savasana. I just moved here from South Carolina a few months ago and love meeting people so if you see me around the studio please come up and introduce yourself! I am also certified to teach Buti Yoga and Hot Buti Yoga.