Welcome to Firelight Yoga!

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Free mat rentals for those that bike, walk, MAX or bus to the studio!

Studio Etiquette:

    • Stay for the duration of your class; if you need to leave early, alert instructor beforehand and place your mat near the door.

    • Keep talking to a minimum once you enter yoga rooms. Many use the time before and after class to meditate. Making friends is great, but we encourage visiting in the lobby area to be respectful to everyone. Be mindful of voice volume when classes are still in session in other yoga spaces.

    • Arrive to class on time. Front door locks at times once class begins, and we don’t want you to miss your time to practice. If you know you’re going to be late, a call to alert studio employees is appreciated. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be able to join the class.

    • Early registration online is always encouraged; download our free app for ease of doing so. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy below.

    • Check-in at the reception desk when you arrive for class. Place your mat in line with a “Mantraspot” sticker front and center of your mat.

    • For safety reasons, only current clients may enter studio rooms and changing/restrooms.

    • Be mindful of where you park; onsite lot is for condo owners only. Alternative modes of transportation to and from the studio are encouraged; we offer free mat rentals to those who choose this method of arrival.

    • Firelight Yoga is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal properties inside or outside of the studio premises. Please store valuables out of site, or don’t bring them with you to your practice. We have a limited quantity of padlocks for the lockers available for free at the front desk.

    • Alert instructors before class if you need to bring a cellphone or pager into the studio, but limit this as much as possible and silence your device.

    • We recommend taking at least three hot classes per week during your first two weeks of practicing. Give yourself time to acclimate to the heat.

    • For hot classes, bring the following: water, mat, and large towel to place over mat. We have these items available for rent and for sale onsite. Filtered water is available in the changing rooms. Blocks and straps also available for use. Please do not studio blankets and bolsters into hot classes with you.

    • For non-heated classes, bring the following: water and a mat. Blocks, straps, yoga blankets, and bolsters are available for client use during classes.

    • Come well hydrated, and eat no sooner than 1.5-2 hrs before class for your best experience (unless otherwise indicated by health condition or your physician). Only water is allowed in studio rooms.

    • Clients being rude or disrespectful to Firelight Yoga staff, independently contracted instructors, or other clients may be asked to leave.

    • Showers are available in the men’s and women’s restrooms. We also have an “all-user” restroom as an alternative changing space.

    • Refrain from wearing heavily scented products or having noticeable body odor. You are welcome to shower before class as needed. Alert instructors and/or staff of any scent issues potentially associated with use of essential oils in rental mat cleansing sprays and used during classes.

    • Be aware of the safety of yourself and others during class. Please refrain from kicking your feet up on the mirrors.

    • It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and listen to your body. Rest when you need, for as long as you need to, and rejoin the class when you feel ready. Most importantly, enjoy your practice!!


Class Cancellation Policy:

As of Feb. 1, 2017, our cancellation policy for pre-registered classes that are unattended is as follows:
  • Please login and cancel your reservation, or call the studio if you cannot attend a class you are pre-registered for
  • Must cancel at least 30 min. before class time
  • Unlimited Yoga Package Holders – $5 fee for late cancellations and missed classes
  • Class Card Package Holders – Deducts class from package
Some of our classes have students on wait lists so this opens up the opportunity for others to attend in your absence. Those who have reserved a spot for class online must also check in at the studio desk to ensure attendance. Those pre-registered who are not present by the time class starts will be dropped from the class in the event that others are wait listed and a class will be deducted from your account accordingly, or your account will be charged a fee. (See above.) If you are running a few minutes late, give us a call and let us know and we’ll hold your spot.
Please make sure to check-in at the desk when you arrive to ensure you are not mistakenly marked as unattended!