When things change within you, they change around you.

         -By Anna Volkoff

Hi Friends,

My name is Anna and I teach Hatha yoga, yin and meditation at the lovely Firelight Yoga. I am also a yin teacher trainer and an astrologer and I’m writing to share with you why I have learned to love mercury’s retrograde.

We all have a unique makeup within us. From our natal chart, to our energy body, to our mind and our physical anatomy. We are each a complex, beautiful expression of our individual soul. For me and my natal chart, mercury controls many of my ruling planets. What does that mean? Mercury is a strong influence in my life. My sun, my moon and my rising sign are all governed by mercury.

What is Mercury, why does it retrograde and why does mercury retrograde get such a bad reputation?

Mercury is the planet that controls communication, it is the messenger of the Gods. It is the innermost planet of our solar system and its revolution around the sun is the fastest, making a transit through each zodiac sign every 3-4 weeks. Mercury controls communication and technology, both trivial and profound. Because this planet revolves around the sun faster than our perspective from earth, during a retrograde it appears to move backwards…of course it’s not actually moving backwards. Think of when you are next to a train. From your perspective and speed sometimes it appears to move backwards and sometimes, forward. Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year. This retrograde mercury is in Pisces so our intuition and dreams may be heightened. Allow your inner voice to speak loudly-and give yourself permission to listen. This is a great time to reflect on where you are going. 

Ok, so have I lost you? Let’s forget about astrology for a moment. What happens during a mercury retrograde is why it gets so misunderstood…see where I’m going here.

Before I understood this, mercury retrograde would feel burdensome. I would try so hard to communicate, I would try to start new things and it just wasn’t working. That email didn’t go through, my computer and phone would be acting funny, and oh my goodness, the communication with my loved one seemed off. Things felt confusing, outwardly. In our technology based society this can be frustrating.

This is why I am writing to you.

I hear around my community people blaming mercury retrograde or even dreading it. Trust me, I get it. However I no longer see it this way. Now whenever communication seems off or technology doesn’t work effectively, I find it as a welcoming invitation to look inward and communicate with the innermost self. I find it as a welcoming break from technology and a reminder to slow down. 

Mercury is not moving backwards, it is just moving faster than us. Advancements are being made but we can’t see it clearly until mercury is direct again, March 28. The faculties are asking you to move inward for communication and renewal. To take a few extra deep breaths and a moment to pause. When technology doesn’t work as it should, allow it to be a reminder to go inward. 

This is a powerful time to look inward and reorganize. Remember that the universe is providing support for your growth and you are loved.

My advice? Enjoy and trust the journey inward. It’s always worth it.

With Blessings and Love,